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Is Heritage a good gun brand?

Heritage Manufacturing has been making rugged, high-quality rimfire revolvers since 1992. They were acquired in 2012 by Taurus, but before that. They were known in the firearms industry for making high-quality replica revolvers.

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How long does Heritage Mfg take to ship?

within 48 hours

Most orders are shipped within 48 hours, unless otherwise indicated. For your convenience, will e-mail your shipping confirmation tracking number and order information when your order is processed.

How many shots is a heritage 22 revolver?

These single-action revolvers are chambered for 22 LR and 22 WMR, with cylinders configured to host nine cartridges instead of the conventional six.

Rough Rider Series

The best of the American Wild West is back.

When high noon strikes — or you just cornered something meaner than you — and it’s time to get to shooting, from targets to varmints, the Heritage Rough Rider® revolver is what you need in your holster.
The iconic single action wheel guns defined a legacy that continues to stand the test of time, earning a home in the collection of any shooter. Manufactured in the USA and chambered in .22LR/.22 WMR, the Heritage Rough Rider® is a testament to this long lasting feat of firearm engineering, now more customizable than ever before.
You won’t need to rob any banks to achieve the classic shooting experience with the Heritage Rough Rider®. Affordable and efficient, the single-action rimfire revolver is made with every shooter in mind and inspired by the originals. Just like Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.

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