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HERITAGE ROUGH RIDER BIG BORE the very image conjured up is of the rugged men led by Theodore Roosevelt up Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill over 100 years ago during our war with Spain. That same image of ruggedness might also be applied to the newest Big Bore Rough Rider revolver from Heritage. Almost the “spitting image” of the Single Action Army still be carried by some troops during the Spanish-American War, this latest six-shooter comes chambered for the legendary .45 Colt cartridge, .44-40 and .357 Magnum.

This fine handgun can be had in the traditional 4.75″, 5.5″ and 7.5″ barrel lengths, just like the original. Blue, nickel, stainless and blue/color-case hardened finishes are available and each gun is fitted with attractive one-piece cocobolo grips. The action features a frame mounted inertia firing pin and transfer bar for added protection. Old World gun maker Pietta of Italy start certain parts for us. They are a family run operation, just like Heritage Manufacturing. Then those certain parts are finished by Heritage, then plated and then fully assembled by us in the good old US.

Perfect for the exciting sport of western action shooting, the Big Bore Rough Rider embodies the flavor of the Old West and will also serve anyone who wants an accurate and reliable sidearm for other outdoor activities. As with all of the Heritage handgun line, this new six-gun offers both quality and affordability…an American Tradition!

Does Heritage make a big bore revolver?

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Heritage Barkeep

Never have the deck stacked against you again with the Heritage Barkeep™. This compact carry revolver packs a punch with a flair inspired by the greatest gunslingers and cowboys alike.
The single-action Barkeep™ features unmatched concealability and fixed open sights for fast action and rapid sight acquisition right when you need it. Chambered in the reliable .22 LR with an optional interchangeable .22 WMR cylinder, this revolver is designed with every detail in mind to make it the right choice for every shooter. Manufactured in the USA with the familiar operation and quality construction of the iconic Rough Rider™ series, the Barkeep™ delivers western style with American form and function.
Be quicker on the draw and even save your coin with the extraordinary performance, value and practicality of the Heritage Barkeep™. From pulling up a chair to hitting the trail, it’s the gun that has proved it’s worth time and time again. Discover a legend born of the west by those who knew to always sit with your back against the wall, and put the Barkeep™ in your hand today.

The best of the American Wild West is back.

When high noon strikes — or you just cornered something meaner than you — and it’s time to get to shooting, from targets to varmints, the Heritage Rough Rider® revolver is what you need in your holster.
The iconic single action wheel guns defined a legacy that continues to stand the test of time, earning a home in the collection of any shooter. Manufactured in the USA and chambered in .22LR/.22 WMR, the Heritage Rough Rider® is a testament to this long lasting feat of firearm engineering, now more customizable than ever before.
You won’t need to rob any banks to achieve the classic shooting experience with the Heritage Rough Rider®. Affordable and efficient, the single-action rimfire revolver is made with every shooter in mind and inspired by the originals. That means no matter what, it gets the job done, just like Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.

Rancher Carbine Series

The gun that won the frontier enters a modern era. Don’t learn the hard way, the right tool for the job will let you rule the ranch no matter what you’re facing down. The Rough Rider® Rancher™ revolving carbine delivers performance and portability you have…

How good are Heritage revolvers?

Overall, the Heritage Rough Rider Revolver is a great buy. It is affordable, accurate, and easy to use. Many gun owners are also trying to get their hands on this revolver as they have exceptional value for a . 22 caliber revolver.

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