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The Discontinuation of the Brownells 180

As of February 2024, the BRN-180 is not discontinued, and Gen 2s are still being produced and will be back in stock. A Gen 3 is also expected soon. 

As of February 2024, the Brownells 180 is not discontinued, and Gen 2s are still being produced and will be back in stock. A Gen 3 is also expected soon. 

The BRN-180 is a new take on the AR-180 design, released in 2019 by Brownells, Inc.. It was designed to be an economical alternative to the AR-15 design and was intended for foreign military sales. The BRN-180 is a semiauto version of the selective-fire AR-18. 

The BRN-180 has many features, including.

  • Ultra-reliable, short stroke gas piston operating system.
  • No buffer tube.
  • Ideal for a folding stock.
  • Adjustable gas block to control gas flow for a sound suppressor.
  • Picatinny/M-LOK handguard that detaches by removing one screw. 

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Some models of the Brownells 180 include:

  • Brownells 180S GEN2, available in .300 Blackout, .223 Wylde, or 7.62x39mm.
  • Brownells 180 GEN2 Short Barrel Upper, available in .223.
  • Brownells 180 and Brownells 180M Lower Receivers.
  • Midwest Industries Picatinny compatible stocks. 

brownells brn 180

brn-180 complete
our first BRN-180 is a modern take on the classic AR-180 rifle design, originally developed by Eugene Stoner. This new iteration offers a lightweight and compact platform that is perfect for a variety of applications, from hunting to home defense.
One of the key features of the BRN-180 is its short-stroke gas piston system, which offers reliable and consistent operation even in adverse conditions. This system helps to reduce felt recoil and improve overall handling of the rifle.
The BRN-180 also features a monolithic upper receiver design, which provides increased rigidity and accuracy compared to traditional AR-style rifles. This design also allows for easy mounting of optics and other accessories, making it a versatile platform for customization.
Overall, the BRN-180 is a modern and reliable rifle that offers excellent performance in a compact package. Whether you're looking for a reliable hunting rifle or a compact home defense weapon, the BRN-180 is a solid choice.


The Brownells 180 rifle is not just a firearm; it symbolized freedom and individual rights with its sleek design and flawless functionality. Gun enthusiasts valued its reliability and precision, but now it faces discontinuation due to bureaucratic red tape and government overreach. The ATF has imposed new laws targeting rifles, including arbitrary restrictions on barrel length and stock configurations, infringing on Second Amendment rights.

These regulations, such as the 16-inch barrel length requirement, unjustly impact popular firearms like AR-15 pistols. Additionally, restrictions on adjustable stocks and pistol braces are seen as government overreach. Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates must unite to defend their rights against the ATF's tyranny. It is crucial to resist these infringements, stand up against government overreach, and ensure that the Second Amendment remains protected for future generations. The discontinuation of the BRN-180 serves as a rallying cry to fight for our rights and freedoms. Stand together, speak out, and defend your rights before it's too late.


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Brownells BRN-180 Semi-automatic Rifle

brn 180 charging handle

brownells brn-180 rifle Gen2
brownells brn-180 rifle Gen2

The Brownells 180 charging handle is a key component of the Brownells 180 rifle system. The charging handle is used to manually cycle the action of the rifle, chambering a round, ejecting spent casings, and preparing the rifle for firing. It is an essential part of the operation of the rifle.

The Brownells 180 charging handle is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, allowing for smooth and efficient operation of the rifle. It is typically located on the upper receiver of the rifle, near the rear of the ejection port.

The charging handle on the BRN-180 is ambidextrous, meaning it can be operated from either side of the rifle, making it versatile and user-friendly for shooters of all preferences. This ambidextrous design allows for quick and easy manipulation of the charging handle without having to change your grip on the rifle.

Overall, the Brownells 180 charging handle is a well-designed and functional component of the rifle system, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of the firearm.


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Brownells BRN-180 Semi-automatic Rifle

brn 180 upper

Semi Automatic Brownells BRN-180 Rifle Gen2

The BRN-180 Upper by Brownells is a modern take on the classic AR-15 design, offering shooters a more compact and lightweight option. Its short-stroke gas piston system enhances shooting smoothness and reduces recoil, while the M-LOK handguard allows for easy customization. Compatible with existing AR-15 lowers and featuring a folding stock option for convenience, this upper is praised for its quality, reliability, and innovative approach to the AR-15 platform. If you're seeking to elevate your rifle experience with a blend of performance and innovation, the BRN-180 Upper could be your ideal companion.

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